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Alex Vojacek

Web Designer, Sysadmin, Tech Writer and Small Business Owner in Argentina

My Knowledge

I'm a Wordpress Designer at heart. Passionate for my work and also a perfectionist
Pure CSS & HTML Static Sites

Experienced in Adobe Dreamweaver, I also work with several other tools like Atom & Notepad++ for pure CSS style coding.

System Administrator
Love for Linux and nginx

Working primary with Debian and CentOS, I am experienced in Linux management and security, dedicated servers, VPS management and nginx.

Experienced in Wordpress

Be it themes or framework builders like Divi & Visual Composer. I have several years of experience building websites with childthemes and custom code.

Speed Optimizations
Experienced in Caching & Optimizations

Everything about improving Wordpress Performance, reducing latency, improving server performance and implementing webserver caching.

My Work

I designed a magazine and several customer sites, own a webhosting company and write for Tech Blogs


CEO & Founder / Designer / Editor

Having experience in reviewing technology for several years now  allowed me to create my own tech magazine.

Elysium Servers Hosting

Founder & Sysadmin

From managing the servers and software to helping customers in need, I founded a hosting company that offer real help.

Editor / Writer

Tech Blogger in Spanish & English

With experience as writer on tech blogs I started working  on WPExplorer, creating articles and tutorials.


I offer services for web design in Wordpress, static corporate sites in HTML5, server management be it either your custom VPS, Cloud Server or even your own Dedicated Server. If you're interested in me writing articles for you about technology, I am also for hire in spanish and english.

It depends on the work being requested. Generally speaking I charge USD150 upfront for server optimizations or fixes and this could turn into a monthly fee if the user needs management. For writing articles my current fee is USD100.  For web design I could send you a quote depending on the type of website you need.

You can write me a line on the contact form describing the type of work needed and I will contact you with a quote.

Contact Me

For any question or job offer